Sunday, January 30, 2011


Some things are falling into place…slowly but surely. Im actually enjoying the pace of all this because it gives me time to breath and time to spend with Lucy. Its not becoming overwhelming and thus I am able to keep the motivation high.
      Triangles, triangles triangles. I am dreaming in triangles. I would say I’m about ½ way through some major animation tests for the triangle section of the Shapes video. Ill also be doing circles, squares, rectangles, and stars. Maybe hearts as well. Its not just shapes that are going into this piece…theres so much more to think about. The animation needs to be engaging, educational, as well as interactive as there will be packages offered to compliment the DVD like “drool proof” flash cards and handmade felt boards. It is my mission to create something for both the children AND their parents/caregivers that will extend the education, interactive, and stimulation experience.
      Iv put out ads on Facebook, and Craigslist, asking for voice talent for when the production is ready. Iv also been searching out grants to be able to fund the project. I do not have any experience with the grant process, and let me tell ya…it’s not all that much fun! Lol. Its extremely difficult to find ones suited to this type of media. They are usually about supporting outdoor installation art. Frustrating for sure, but no matter, because the quality of this work will not at all be affected if a grant is not awarded. It will just mean taking a little longer to complete the work as I add my own funds little by little. This is the reason I decided to put a donation button on here. Every dollar counts! ($1 can buy me 2 small sheets of felt for some stop motion animation) J
Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!
If you choose to donate, please let me know and I will put you on a list to receive a special handmade gift to be given out when production is complete!
For your viewing pleasure, a few screen shots to some 2d computer graphic animation I am currently working on.

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