Thursday, February 3, 2011


This past Tuesday evening, people in my area who have AT&T lost cable and Internet around 7pm. I remember thinking “this sucks, now I cant get any work done, and Lucy wont get to wind down to her goodnight show on Sprout”. Ahh…we have a DVD player. Lets make it a relaxing movie night instead. Wait…I attacked the DVD player with a knife trying to get a disc out last week and it hasn’t worked since. Cross that out. Ohh! We have an old VCR player we got at a yard sale for $1 this past summer! Lets find some old tapes and give that a try. We found in the garage a box of old VHS tapes, mostly home movies of me figure skating in competition when I was 10 years old, and then some old Dinosaurs shows. (“NOT THE MAMMA!”) Does anyone remember those?! Haha.

Anyway, I got very excited about all these old movies, so we threw one in.. and… nothing but a fuzzy black and white image! By now it was time for Lu to go to bed so I went up to read her bed time books and sooth her to sleep. Just when she was almost out, we lost power. I knew as soon as it was gone that it probably would not be back on that night with the huge ice storm that was going on so I took her into my warm bed with the plush sheets and down comforter and we stayed fairly warm all night. We made it into the next day, and through naptime before the house reached about 50 degrees and we could no longer stand it and went to a hotel around the corner with my mom. Thank the universe for that hotel room! It not only had the heat we needed but also a full fridge, stove, kitchen filled with pots and pans. Truly a lifesaver. Only down point was that the “queen” sized bed they said it had was the same size if not smaller than my full sized bed at home so fitting myself, my mom, and little Lucy in the middle for the night was tight and uncomfortable. And that little stinker was so over stimulated by all the excitement that we couldn’t get her down til about 12:30am. She even woke again at 5:30am, climbed out of the bed and started playing with all her toys and talking to what I believe is her imaginary friend. Craziness. Thankful nonetheless. Left this morning to come home and our porch light being on was a sight for sore eyes. De-icing my car and trying to get it out of the driveway this morning, on the other hand, was not fun. If California wasn’t going under the ocean, id move there!
      Anyone else go through major power outages? 

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