Monday, January 24, 2011

Brilliant Bundles Presents...Shapes!

It started with the name and the logo. The ideas started flowing after that.
      I spend a lot of my day playing with my daughter. We learn together and we grow together. While there are not hours and hours of TV being watched, we do have a little TV time for educational purposes. Im a fan of the Sprout channel as well as PBS. I don’t sit her in front of the TV and just walk away. I sit with her and repeat what is being emphasized. I make everything as interactive and engaging as I can for her. One of my favorite animation methods is stop motion. I love the tactile quality it brings with all of the textures available, and the movement is exciting. Lucy enjoys it as well.
      My work time on this project is usually after she goes to bed at night. I clean her playroom and I set up the table with some of the handmade pieces Iv made. For the triangle fish sequence, I have used different colored felt. The first of the DVDs will be titled: Brilliant Bundles Presents…Shapes! This is what my set up looks like.

Work with what you have right? LOL.
Just have to remember to keep the cat away next time :/

Screen shot from the fish sequence


  1. Cute! I love felt figures.

    I didn't have an email to respond to your homeschooling question but if you send it to me, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

    FYI: Socialization in 2011 is a piece of cake. My kids see more children on a SOCIAL basis than any public school child ever could. Mainly because they don't have HOMEWORK and everyone else is stuck inside the school and them home until 8 or 9 at night. Homework is alarmingly crazy. Trust me.

  2. thats awesome! Iv seen lots of homeschool groups who go to Cosi or the zoo together and the making your own schedule thing sounds so much less stressful. Im a stay at home single mom and I work from home as a freelance artist so being in pajamas is a regular thing here too!