Friday, January 28, 2011


Iv come a long way, yet I have so far to go. I am thankful everyday for the life that I have and even more thankful lately for the patience, motivation, drive, and excitement Iv been having to bring my idea to light. Iv made a loose schedule for working. I give myself 2 hours a night after Lucy goes to bed that I can experiment and implement with in peace. I don’t always follow it. More often than not, I become consumed and too concentrated and productive to stop after 2 hours. When I was just starting out with graphite portraits I used to cut corners and try to get it all done in one night because I wanted to see what it would look like!
(An early drawing in my career)

Since then Iv learned the value of breaking up time and having patience. Its made such a difference in the quality of my work. Iv also noticed that it doesn’t cause as much stress as it does when I pull the all nighters.
(Some newer pieces)

I am fully prepared and inspired to continue using patience in my everyday life. If I can see that its made this much of a difference in my drawings, than I dont doubt its powers to improve all else!