Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Happens When Internet Goes Out?

Its that hopeless feeling… like you’ve been cut off from the world and all of a sudden..you have NOTHING to do, right? Most of what I do for a living centers around being online, so I felt the void for sure. More than not having it to do some work, I felt like this more so because of my hopeless addiction to Facebook But no matter…I buckled down and got TONS of work done for Brilliant Bundles.
This is a clip of a test I did with scrap booking paper for the triangle section of the upcoming video.

I ended up waking with glitter all over me (and am still unable to get it off) from touching the background paper. I planned out the animation so that later I could reverse the footage in Final Cut Pro and make it look as if the paper was unfolding instead of folding. I think some of these will make for some nice transitions. What do you think? 

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