Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Kick Start

Hello, hello! I am back after a short hiatus. Production on Brilliant Bundles has been slowed for funding reasons, but that is all about to change! My wonderful brother recently introduced me to a website called kickstarter. I have just been in awe at how much support there really is out there for artists and their ideas! What a truly wonderful concept to applaud. Ever since I heard about this site, I have been working on one heck of a pitch video to submit. This is a segment from it that will showcase what a day is like in the life of a stay at home work at home mommy! Youll laugh, youll cry… youll be out of breath!

Filming a toddler for 12 hours, then condensing that footage down to 2 and ½ minutes was no easy task especially with having to rely on my outdated equipment. Initial pledges for this project will be used to purchase a more reliable video camera, still camera, color printer, and updates for my computer so that it doesn’t take hours upon hours to render a project! The remainder of the pledges will go towards all other production costs. Every pledge amount will receive something awesome in return! Ill let you guys know when its up and ready on kickstarter and until then you are always welcome to donate right here on the blog if you feel this project has as much potential as I do! Thanks for all your support <3 


  1. Did you know that your video is on the Momformation site today? I write for them and was totally charmed by it so I passed it on and someone took it up. Hope your video gets a lot of hits!

  2. thanks so much I really appreciate you sharing it! I left a comment on there as well sharing the link to the full video where people can p ledge to the proj. It was so nice of you to do this!