Friday, February 11, 2011


I would like to introduce to everyone, a site like no other. Wish Upon a Hero is everything I aspire to be and more. It’s how I believe real change can take place in the world. There are truly no words great enough to express how I feel about this community but I am going to try.

      WUAH is an online social community that exists for one reason: To help people. Members can post a wish that is then published for the entire community to see. The wish can be for anything. You are asked to specify if it is a “need” or a “want” wish. Need being “I need food for my baby” and want being “I want to meet Madonna”. The majority of what you will see are the “need” wishes. Members can comment on your wish and they can offer to grant or partially grant it. The wisher then must accept or decline such offers. If you accept, then you can PM the person to give them the information they need to be able to send you what you need, or you can even put up a paypal button on your wish so people can donate towards what you may need. With anything that asks for your address or any other personal information, you should always be careful and cautious. The majority of the time, you will see that this community is there to help not harm. Trust your instincts. I had an incident a while ago where I had wished for a hero to help me buy flowers to send to my grandmother when my grandpa had died and I was unable to be there for the funeral, but could not afford the flowers when I needed to buy diapers. Within 3 minutes I had an e mail telling me that someone had offered to grant my wish. I was filled with such thankfulness and it was like a weight had been lifted off me. She told me shed buy an arrangement online and send it to my grandmother and asked me what I wanted the note to say. I gave her the information and then days passed. I e- mailed her, asking if everyting was ok but didn’t get an answer. Weeks passed.. nothing. I had been promised something so important in a time of need and then that promise was broken. I had even told my grandmother that these flowers should be arriving… and then they never did. I saw this “hero” commenting almost a year later on others wishes after being MIA for so long so I wrote her again, telling her how I felt about what she had done, but I never did receive a response. Like I said… be cautious.
      Wish Upon a Hero keeps score for you. It tells everyone how many times you have been a hero and people can look at what wishes you have granted. It also tells everyone how many wishes you have been granted and what they were for. My favorite thing about the site is the search option where you can type in key words for the kind of wishes youre looking for. This helps me because If I have something that Im looking to get out of the house, I can just look to see if anyone needs what I have, like baby clothes (which I will be sending to a single mom in need this week) and it makes it so much more personal to me. I would rather send someone something personally than just drop off a bag at good will (which I do regularly anyways) but I want to know that iv helped someone with a story.. someone who really needed it.

      I was helped this week for something really big. With the Brilliant Bundles DVDs I am working on, Iv been trying my best to find grants to fund it but to no avail. Like Iv said in an earlier post, it wont affect the quality of my work if I don’t get the grant, it would just take me longer to complete the project. I posted a wish asking for 100 DVD cases (specific ones from a site) and 2 extraordinary heroes chipped in and I was able to purchase them within an hour of  posting the wish! 
 It really is remarkable how people come together in this place to help one another out. My request didn’t solve world  hunger or stop a war, but it was meaningful to me, and I am thankful beyond words. I highly recommend this community to anyone who enjoys helping people. 

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