Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brilliant Bundles Early Learning Kits

Dear friends,
I write to you with some very exciting news! As many of you know, I have been searching for grants for my company for about 2 years now. The grant application process is usually intimidating, lengthy, complicated, and about 100 other things that just make you wanna go "hmmmm." They want to make sure they are giving those big bucks to someone who is going to use it EXACTLY how they say they will. Most have a requirement that you check in periodically with proof of where this money has gone. I am no expert on the process itself nor of how to write a really great proposal, but I am feeling extra super lucky about a 20th try this week where I happened to stumble upon a small business grant. I not only wanted to share my own info for the grant, but to provide this to anyone who's small business could also use a little help!

As you may know, Brilliant Bundles has been very very busy making kits for NB - 3+ yrs. They are scheduled to go on pre sale mid june so keep a look out!

To support Brilliant Bundles,  go to THIS LINK hit "log in and support" (no signing up, its through Facebook) and put Brilliant Bundles , Ohio, Powell into the search below, and hit vote! its that easy!!! I need at least 250 votes to be considered, and I would be soo very grateful! 
Wanna know what youre voting for exactly? I would too! Unfortunately they do not provide my application publicly for you to see, so I felt it only fair that I share it with you :) Copy and Pasted, this is what I am all about.

Tell us about your business; how successful is it and why is it unique? 
          Brilliant Bundles is a company I started after my daughter 
started having a thirst for knowledge at a very young age. I aim to 
provide parents and caregivers with a platform to spend this quality 
time with their children, teaching them, but above all, loving them. 
For this reason, Brilliant Bundles was already successful before any 
product prototype was even made. I provide pre made kits for ages newborn 
to three plus years that teach important skills in brain exercising, math, 
reading, art, imaginative play, healthy eating, and so much more. We are our 
children's first teachers! Spending this kind of time with them every day 
will not only create that special bond between parent and child, but it will 
create a life long love of learning and success. Interactive Education Made 
with Love to Inspire Love is what myself and Brilliant Bundles is all about. 
To be able to share the wonderful experiences I have had with my own daughter 
is the most success I could ever ask for! Brilliant Bundles also offers unique 
preschool level kits that are themed, and like nothing else on the market today. 
They are so engaging, interactive and fun that children will not even know they 
are learning, they will just have a blast!
How is your business involved with the community you serve? Brilliant Bundles aims to provide early learning kits to 
under privileged families in my community. This not only provides a 
platform for children to learn, but for the parents as well, to learn 
about spending this time with them, providing the child with confidence, 
motivation, self worth, and most of all, love! When we take the time to 
teach our children in loving and positive environments, we are actually 
saying to them "You are important to me, I love you, and you are worth my 
time." It is my belief that families who practice positive reinforcement, 
early education, and play, result in children who will one day be apart of 
their communities in the same positive ways! Brilliant Bundles up and coming 
Healthy Eating Kit will provide an interactive way for children and their 
parents to learn (and have fun!) about healthy foods, diet and exercise in 
the market as well as in my community to families that may not have access 
to this important information.
What would a $250k grant mean to your business plan and how will you utilize the funds to ensure long-term growth and stability? $250k would mean the world to my business, my family, and myself. 
As of right now, Brilliant Bundles is in prototype design phase where 
everything is designed by me, and hand made by me, usually in the wee hours 
of the morning while my daughter is sleeping. A grant such as this will take 
Brilliant Bundles to the level that it deserves to be. I would use the funding 
to have Brilliant Bundles kits manufactured so that I can provide them at a 
faster rate instead of taking a week or so just to hand make one kit at a time. 
I plan to make sure that the manufacturing takes place in the United States as 
that is important to me, and important to our country during these tough times. 
Further funding will be used to hire experts who can market these products in 
a way that will create greater business through advertizing and social media. 
Brilliant Bundles is not a one hit wonder. I have new and exciting ideas that 
are worked on constantly to make sure the business stays fresh, engaging, and 

What types of challenges can you identify with your plan and how will you overcome them? One of my businesses biggest challenges is balancing my work 
hours as a single stay at home mom with the hours that I spend with my 
daughter. This difficulty will be greatly reduced once the products can be 

Describe the talent on your team and how they make your business successful. My daughter and I are the talent of Brilliant Bundles. I have 
a BFA in time based media studies and graphic design and over 12 years 
experience as a childcare provider and teacher. I am also a mom. Above all 
my formal education and experience, it is the mom in me that makes 
Brilliant Bundles successful, and my daughter, Lucy, who provides all 
the inspiration, ideas, and motivation to do it every single day without 
fail. I bring powerful, colorful, and engaging imagery to the brand as well 
as all educational ideas and tools and my daughter brings the energy needed 
for me to carry everything out.
Additional relevant information you would like to share

Since starting Brilliant Bundles two and a half years ago I have 
been looking for funding. As of right now, I am working within a half office, 
half playroom, a lot of times setting projects up on top of my daughters 
Fisher Price toddler table. I give my time away for free as well as a lot of 
DIY information. I listen on her monitor as I work and can hear her Rockabye 
Baby Beatles CD playing, and I am in love. It may not seem like try to start a business with nothing but then I am constantly 
reminded that I have everything. It would mean the world to be able to share
this. Thank you for the opportunity.